Extra footage of Ancestor featuring on one of the first music film clips in Australia

Virtuoso - A Homage to my Ancestors Album Cover

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The music film clip you just watched wasn’t made to be screened on television. This was years before. It was a little feature, screened before the main film for people going to ‘the pictures’. It was actually one of the first music films in Australia and was first screened in 1931 at the Regent Theatre […]

My Grandfather Milton Parkes – How I chose to play guitar

Milton at Piano with Brothers

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My grandfather Milton Parkes was born March 20, 1907, In Melbourne (Williamstown), Australia. He studied piano under Professor William Laver and Professor Holmwood. He was an extremely able pianist, in demand as a piano accompanist and as a soloist.   He also studied the violin which would have aided his sympathy as an accompanist.   Milton performed […]

My European Musical Heritage

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When I saw my Great Uncle Cecil Parkes feature on the first music filmclip in Australia on a Video retrieved from the National Film Archives by his Grandaughter Katherine Griffiths and her mother Margaret Griffiths nee Parkes, I was inspired to look further into my Musical Heritage. I was also fascinated to read the book […]

Why Spanish Guitar and what Paco Pena asked me on Tour?

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Why do I play Spanish Music? Some of you may wonder if I have any Spanish heritage because I perform Spanish Music.  As it turns out my Great Grandfather Albert Parkes was of Spanish origin, a generation before, on both his mother and father’s side, according to his wife’s sister, Lillian.  Perhaps this explains his […]