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Matthew is an internationally acclaimed guitarist having performed in over 120 countries and toured as special guest artist with celebrities Billy Connolly, Natalie Cole, the original Buena Vista Club Natalie Cole, Shirley Bassey, Michael Crawford and more.

Billy Connolly said “Matthew Fagan is the best artist I have toured with” and gifted his banjo to Matthew at the end of their 53 night tour in Australia.

Ibrahim Ferrer from The Original Buena Vista Social Club said “Matthew has a Latin Soul and we love his playing so much that we want to take him back home to Cuba”.

His show launching El Vito has SOLD OUT 2 years in a row at the Sydney Opera House and at Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe Festivals with Standing Ovations wherever it goes. In short, if you are a fan of legendary guitarist such as … Julian Bream, Segovia, Paco Pena, Manitas de Palta, Sabicas and others like them, Matthew Fagan is a must have for your collection.

Matthew Fagan is a virtuoso guitarist blessed with great charisma. Everything he does on the instrument draws you into his world. One can appreciate his appeal to the general audience on El Vito. This is the sort of guitar album that touches the sensibilities even of listeners to whom Classical and Flamenco music is a new experience. An excellent introduction to the guitar for someone getting their toes wet.

El Vito features Matthew stunning flamenco arrangement of Bizets Carmen in 6 movements arranged for Matthews hand crafted 10 string Spanish guitar with extended bass range. The Album also features Spanish dances of the great composers Issac Albeniz, Enrique Granados, Joaquin Rodrigo and the fiery traditional flamenco dance El Vito, The spirit of Spanish Dance for guitar.

Reviewer David Saemann from Fanfare magazine says

“The total experience is quite saturnine and sanguine.”

“The combination of lyricism and excitement [In the title track El Vito] is..quite spectacular. The tune is filled with Latin romance.
Flamenco elements in Solearas draw a vivid response from Fagan. His brilliant rhythmic sense is always apparent, exhibiting the thrill of the dance…

“The playing is magnetic, and the repertoire is invigorating.”

Audience Member Quotes

“Thankyou so much you’ve reminded me why I love live music so much…. A gift from the Gods of Music!!”.

“You are also a good reason why I listen to the ABC”.

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